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How to Increase Social Media Engagement Today

How to Increase Social Media Engagement Today

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By Ingenia

  • Jun / 01 / 2022
How to Increase Social Media Engagement Today

When you launch a social media campaign, you should be looking to interact with potential customers. Find out how to increase social media engagement here.

Want to improve the way you engage with your customers? 

Social media platforms offer you the unique opportunity to interact with your clients in a more personalized way. Through posts and advertising campaigns, you can get the attention of your clients and share important information. You can also respond to their concerns via instant messaging.

But you need to think about social media engagement. A business social media profile can't attain success if people don't engage with the content. So, you should think about how you're going to improve your social media interactions.

Below, we'll get into our top tips for increasing your social media engagement. Keep reading to start seeing better digital marketing results today!

Create a Regular Posting Schedule

Some companies, when they first start a social media campaign, inundate their followers with posts. Business owners may assume this is the best way to get their messages across. In reality, these businesses might drive their customers away.

On social media, less isn't always more. But more isn't always more, either. Instead, you need to figure out a regular posting schedule.

The perfect posting schedule will depend on the sites you use. On Facebook, most businesses see success when they post once per day. You shouldn't post more than 2 times per day on this platform.

Instagram users should also post 1 time per day. But you can post as many as 3 Instagram posts every day without overwhelming your followers. 

Make sure your posting schedule stays regular. Don't post twice one day and then go 2 more days without posting. Instead, create regular content and pay attention to your analytics. If you notice a particular posting schedule isn't working for you, experiment with another schedule. 

Use High-Quality Images

Images drive post engagement. This happens because people usually scroll through their social media feeds in a quick manner. They don't read paragraphs of text unless they catch their attention.

Images take up more space on their feed. They're also easier to immediately comprehend because people don't have to read them.

Yet, if you don't have high-quality images, this could work against you. Low-quality images may make you look unprofessional. 

So, you should always use images that appear clear. Using a variety of colors can also help you stand out. 

Ask for User Generated Content 

Not every post on your social media platforms needs to come from you. In fact, you can improve your social media engagement by asking for user generated content!

User generated content includes any social media content that comes from your followers instead of your business. Companies can ask for user generated content by asking their followers to submit certain types of posts. For instance, if you're celebrating the launch of a new product, you can ask your followers to tag you in their own posts about your product.

Then, you can sift through some of the content and select some to post on your page. Make sure you ask your followers if you can share their posts with your wider audience!

To encourage more social media engagement, offer reward incentives for your followers. You can have contests and give the best submissions discounts or free gifts. 

Pose Questions

You're more likely to get people interacting with your post if you ask a question. This is because questions automatically prompt your followers to think of comments to write!

The questions should be simple and brief. They also should relate to your company in some way. 

For an example of a company that uses questions well, look at Goodreads's Facebook account. Goodreads regularly asks its followers about their favorite books, weekend reads, and other questions related to reading. When they do this, they get hundreds of replies, which drives up social media engagement.

Create Videos

Videos get the most engagement on social media. 

Videos, like images, capture the attention of people who are scrolling through their feeds in a quick manner. But videos also give you a unique advantage; you can use them to create an emotional bond with your clients.

Research shows people purchase items based on emotion. Videos give you ample opportunity to evoke emotion. When you create a video, you can stir up certain emotions by using music, visuals, and even client testimonies.

But you shouldn't create long videos. In fact, shorter videos are now popular on social media, largely thanks to the success of platforms such as TikTok.

You can also use your videos to tell stories. Stories help you create emotional connections, and they're memorable. So, people might be more likely to remember your brand when they need products and services like yours.

Do Live Videos

If you want to gain more social media interactions, think about using live videos.

When you do live videos, your followers will have the opportunity to view your content as you make it. Then, they'll have the chance to interact with you via comments or chat sections. As such, you'll get more interactions.

Before you go live, make sure you know what you're going to do. If you don't, you might not end up looking as professional as you want to. If your live goes well, though, you'll have established a more personal connection with your clients.

Get More Social Media Engagement

Are you looking to get more social media engagement but don't have a ton of extra time?

Let us help. Our team of professional marketers performs staff augmentation by helping companies like yours work on their digital marketing strategies. We can help you drive more customers to your website by implementing the best marketing tactics. We can also help you improve your social media presence. 

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