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8 Unique Marketing Strategies That Will Cause Splash

8 Unique Marketing Strategies That Will Cause Splash

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By Ingenia

  • Mar / 01 / 2022
8 Unique Marketing Strategies That Will Cause Splash

If you want to stand apart from your competitors, then you need to know about these 8 unique marketing strategies that will cause a splash.

Having access to so many digital channels can make marketing seem a breeze. But this may not be the truth if you think about your competition in this online world. 

Your business competes with millions of companies around the country and the world. Every large brand and small business is online and there's an opportunity for everyone. 

Today, standing out of the competition takes creativity and unique marketing strategies. This is why you keep reading to learn about these eight unique marketing strategies that will cause a splash for your brand.

1. Create Unique Content


Unique marketing strategies start with unique and creative content. Your prospects will look forward to reading your content if it's not like what they consumed elsewhere.

Unique content provides value to your customers and readers. They can be sure of learning something new. Or they know they'll find something interesting when they visit your platforms.

Creating unique content is the sure way to build credibility and earn trust in your industry. Users will continue visiting your website to sip from your cup of experience. Search engines like Google favor unique content and punish duplicate content. 

Create unique content to offer your followers authentic experiences. Research and gather facts from different sources when creating content and never copy-paste. Above all, brainstorm content ideas with your team or partner with Ingenia for one-of-a-kind content.

2. Share Positive Customer Testimonials


Sharing customer testimonials consistently ranks as one of the marketing strategies that work. Testimonials are testaments from your users about the superiority of your brand or product. They provide some of the compelling content for unique marketing strategies.

More positive testimonials and reviews can boost your conversion rates. According to Bigcommerce, 50+ reviews per product can raise conversion rates by 4.6%. 

Encourage your happy customers to post reviews on your apps after a good experience. Shoot videos of your loyal customers testifying about the greatness of your brand. 

Please share this content or integrate it on your website as social proof. Social proof is a perfect way for showing your expertise and enhancing trust in your brand. People trust testimonials as much as they trust friends or family recommendations. 

3. Share Your Brand Stories


One easy-to-create form of unique marketing strategy is brand stories. Your journey may carry some emotional, engaging, and inspiring stories to tell. 

Branded stories can be compelling because they tell of your experiences through uncharted paths. Only you can share your brand story and you can be sure it'll help build brand affinity. 

Brand stories are the building blocks of a long-lasting relationship with clients. Stories can help you connect, resonate and inspire soul searching within your clients. Many clients will explore their lives to find a story that matches yours. 

Create an expressive "about us" page to strike a chord with your prospects with the first impression. Also, use videos to share your struggles and successes to resonate and relate with your fans. 

4. Establish Trust and Credibility by Showing Your Strengths 


At Ingenia, we are ever vocal about our strengths as a marketing agency for one reason─ it's proof of our expertise. We don't shy away from talking about our passion or how we've helped leading brands generate millions of dollars through digital marketing

Identifying and flaunting your strengths is one of the marketing strategies that work. Your strengths are your competitive advantage. They are your secret weapon to outcompete, outwit and outshine your competitors.

Look at your team, experience, and portfolio to identify your unique strengths. What achievements and awards have you earned in your industry? Find proof to show you got what it takes to deliver and please clients per expectations. 

5. Launch a Referral Program


Referral marketing can help generate high-quality leads and boost brand loyalty. Referred customers are 18% more loyal and have 16% higher lifetime value and 13.2 more spending rate.

More marketers agree referral marketing is the most influential advertising strategy. Customers sharing brand and product experiences influence their audience. 69% of customers with a positive brand experience will share it. 

Referral programs optimize the power of existing and loyal clients. And as seen, it works like magic. It's one of the unique advertising strategies that yield positive results. 

Referral programs can even be unique when you tie a reward or a bonus to them. Think about offering a $10 reward for each reward or sale. This is the marketing strategy Paypal used to increase the number of its users. Paypal offered $10 for referrals to existing clients when it was a startup. 

6. Create Funny and Comical Promo Videos


Funny videos are one of the few unique marketing strategies that can make your brand go viral. Laughter is contagious and hilarious videos have the highest online engagement.

A Nielsen study showed that humor is one of the marketing strategies that work. 51% and 50% of European and North American audiences respond well to humorous content. Humor can quickly help you appeal to a global audience. 

Creative and appropriate humorous content can spike brand attention and sky-rocket your sales. It overcomes rejection and helps you build rapport with your audience. Its massive engagement levels can help you attract tons of new customers. 

7. Take Advantage of Negative Brand Attention or Mentions


You may wonder why negative brand mentions are on the list of marketing strategies that work. Some customers would rather not use a business service after seeing its negative review. Yet, bad publicity doesn't always have to end poorly.

A lot of times, all that matters is how you respond to negative brand publicity. A timely and appropriate response can help you salvage your reputation.

Track and identity complainers using brand mentions tracking tools. Find more information about them before reaching out to address their issue. Contact them through their emails and inboxes to make them feel valued.

Respond to public complaints on the spot to show your concern for customer issues. Leverage negative reviews to create an impression of a responsive and caring brand. 

Whether you've screwed up or not, take a step to address all public complaints publicly. Respond to the negative review or offer a public statement, especially if you're in the wrong.

What Unique Marketing Strategies Do You Use?


Unique marketing strategies can help you stand out in your niche. They are your safest bet to cut through the noise and make more sales. You need to be extra creative to conceive unique marketing strategies that work.

That's why we're here to help you. Our creative team has plenty of unique ideas to revitalize your marketing strategy. Contact us to book a meeting today.




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