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Boost your digital strategy for Black Friday

Boost your digital strategy for Black Friday

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By Ingenia

  • Nov / 12 / 2021
Boost your digital strategy for Black Friday

Black Friday 2021 is approaching, and your business must be prepared with a marketing strategy.

Black Friday is becoming more and more popular among Americans and other countries around the world. That is why it is very important that your brand provides value and differentiation.

Promoting your Black Friday deals online will help you reach more people with your sales and increase purchases for your business. Here we will tell you some best practices to achieve this.

1. Market your Black Friday promotions in advance

Sharing your promotions early is most important, we recommend sharing your Black Friday deals in early November on your various communication channels.

This will help the customer anticipate and ensure that the competition doesn't beat you in terms of announcing their year-end sale. In addition, announcing your deals early will ensure that your most interested audience will save up to buy something from your company.

You can promote your sales through email marketing, social media or by creating content that shows a preview of your sales (teaser), thus building anticipation before Black Friday.

2. Send personalized emails to your subscribers

Sending emails to people in your subscriber database is a great way to share your promotions with the people most interested in your products.

Remember that personalized emails focus on sending product sales information that is tailored to your subscribers' interests. You can use their past interactions on your website, their preferences, and their purchase data to target email content.

For example, if your business is selling appliances, you'll want to look at the subscriber's purchase data and their engagement on your website, so you'll find out what they're most interested in and can offer them those options.

You can start sending them at the beginning of November so that your audience has a chance to review them, consider your brand as the best option and finally buy.

3. Use social media to promote your offers

To boost the success of your marketing strategy, we recommend promoting your offers on social networks, as they allow you to connect directly with your audience, facilitating the delivery of information directly to your followers.

Social media are an excellent place to promote your offers because you are already connected with people interested in your business. In addition, posts have interactions, so this engagement can help you reach more interested people.

4. Create featured product ads

Create ads for specific products and those most requested by your customers. Focus on highlighting the most important features of the products or services that will be on offer.

Product spotlights help you show your audience why they want to buy your product. By highlighting features, they can get an idea of what your product looks like and if it has the features they want. If your product fits, they're more likely to buy it on Black Friday.

You can do several product highlights before your Black Friday sale. Whether you share them on social media or send them directly to interested email subscribers, you can generate more buzz around your sale and get people excited to shop with you on Black Friday.

5. Offer benefits through loyalty programs

When developing your Black Friday strategy, don't forget to think about your loyal customers. If you have a loyalty program, consider offering additional perks for shopping with you.

Offering loyalty benefits will encourage your loyal customers to shop with you on Black Friday. In addition, you can encourage new customers to join your loyalty program to get your special Black Friday perks.

With the 5 recommendations above, you can take advantage of this date and build a great digital strategy for Black Friday, contact us, we can help you achieve your sales goals and take advantage of these dates, where customers are willing to splurge a little. 



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