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Video & Podcast: the kings of digital content

Video & Podcast: the kings of digital content

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By Ingenia

  • Sep / 29 / 2021
Video & Podcast: the kings of digital content

Video and podcast are still positioned, that is more than true. The reality is that the audience prefers this format and we cannot be left behind. Therefore, we will tell you how we take advantage of this, to benefit all our brands, and it will also help you to plan your 2022 strategy.

Let's get started!

Before you start recording a video or podcast, you must manage your ideas. Know what you want to talk about, whether it will be tips, tools or what your content strategy will be.

We recommend you to plan topics for a month, so you can record everything in time and in case of changes it won't be a problem.

How to design a video strategy?

Designing a video strategy is one of the best things you can do, it benefits the audience and your brand a lot, because it is easier to understand, you can explain the points better, it is more interactive, and you can identify their real needs.

The most important thing is that you can plan your topics, the time delay and know if you will need talent or locations.

Now, we want to define what a Podcast is, just to not confuse it with another format and to be in line with the meaning.

What is a podcast?

A podcast is a digital audio file that can be downloaded from the Internet and listened to on a variety of digital devices.

Generally, they are a series of episodes that have a very personal and close tone, regularly talking about topics of interest to the audience, in order to connect and solve problems or needs of their day to day.

However, nowadays podcasts are also recorded in video, maybe you've seen some similar content, because in this way content creators take advantage of both formats; audio and audiovisual. They are almost always published on platforms such as Spotify and YouTube.

Create your podcast

Over the years and especially in recent months, podcasts have become one of the most popular alternatives for content consumption among users. Not only because of the ease of production, but also because of the flexibility to address topics and talks.

So start your Podcast now! Many times it may seem risky, complicated and so on, but after you start and create a community, you will see that it has been an incredible decision.

A podcast allows you to connect with your audience and create a good relationship. Not only because it achieves a good brand positioning, but also because your audience will be able to listen to you at any time and in an easier way than reading content when they don't have time to do it.

The most popular and sought-after podcast topics are: Music, Comedy, Religion, TV and Movies, Literature.

Here are some successful podcasts which generate millions of dollars a year. Enjoy them!

The Joe Rogan Experience 

My Favorite Murder

The Ramsey Show 

Armchair Expert

The Bill Simmons 

Something that surely interests you a lot...

Is it possible to sell with podcasts and videos?

Yes, of course it is possible. Selling with videos and podcasts is so possible that big companies do it, both entertain, educate, and sell! But we must be very smart, it's not just about saying: "Hi, I'll sell you this at this cost". It's about persuading, educating, highlighting benefits, showing our potential customers that we are their best option.

At ingenia we are unstoppable, we are always looking for ways to generate more, experiment, innovate and achieve our goals. Can we help you with your video and podcast strategy?







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