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Shoppable TV: the new way of selling on TV

Shoppable TV: the new way of selling on TV

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By Ingenia

  • Sep / 06 / 2021
Shoppable TV: the new way of selling on TV

Shoppable TV is a new and seamless shopping experience that gives viewers the opportunity to shop for products in the setting of their favorite TV show. 

This new capability redefines the buying funnel and enables viewers to shop in new and innovative ways. Overall, ShoppableTV will allow brands to impact every stage of the funnel, from awareness to consideration to purchase. In short, it is buying the items we see on television, instantly. 

Streaming and multiscreen consumers

Currently we spend a lot of time in front of a streaming platform, be it Netflix, Amazon Prime or Disney Plus. And since these platforms began to take over televisions and position themselves as a way of consuming television, commercials, infomercials, spots, etc., they had to find a way to reinvent themselves.

Although we know that when you sign up for a streaming platform and make a monthly payment, the least you want is that while you watch your favorite series, a commercial appears and takes away the emotion of the moment.

Because of this, some brands began to invest much more in their product placement strategy. Which means, indirectly, but notoriously, place some of its products within a production, so that in this way the brand is visible, without the need for a commercial.

But the evolution did not stop there, the marketing industry began to detect a common pattern in streaming consumers, and that is that they always have their cell phone in hand. Perhaps it has happened to you, when watching a series, movie, etc., you look for related information and even spoilers, if you do, you are a multiscreen consumer.

The idea

This is how the idea of Shoppable TV arose, to sell through television, taking advantage of mobile phones. Shoppable TV It is an easy, fast and practical method of shopping while watching a show, series or movie. Join the hobby of many people, see a good production, and buy online.

How it works

1. Open your camera: Viewers are alerted to keep their phone cameras up to the on-screen code during an "On Air Shopping Moment."

2. Scan the code or click: scanning the code will give you a web address to which you must enter or another possible option is to click on the ad if you have a smart tv.

3. Make your purchase: after taking you to the purchase page, you can make it or save it in the cart for later.

What you think? You are ready for this new way of buying, if you need a digital marketing strategy with achievable goals, you have come to the right place. We work together?



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