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What about the labor shortages in the US?

What about the labor shortages in the US?

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By Ingenia

  • Jul / 30 / 2021
What about the labor shortages in the US?

Nowadays, many companies in the U.S. have problems with the labor shortages due to people do not want to go interview. In mid-April 2021, job openings jumped to an unprecedented 9.3 million.

While the actual number may have come as surprise to some, the fact that employers struggle to find enough workers is not so surprising. As the US reopened, and more people got vaccinated against the coronavirus, many economists thought people would quickly return to work.  


Things have not turned out that way and many consumers have felt the effects.Restaurants have limited menus or reduced dining capacity. To combat this worker shortage, many states are reducing unemployment benefits. Is this data true,or is it just a trick to offer a high salary?


If you want your company or business to be more successful and you want to attract the best workers, we give you some recommendations:


Job offers


What do you need in your job offer? Workers are looking for better opportunities, to improve their salary and to grow their profile, but what about the labor shortage in the US, is it a big problem?


In today's job market you can see different types of offers and some are better than others. The best is the most sought after, therefore the demand for these jobs increases and the company begins to position itself in the market due to its supply and demand, but what happens when other companies begin to offer the same as you, you must include a differential to make the others stand out, how to do it? Getting your employees to recommend you and feel happy to work for you.


It all starts from the job interview; you should consider having the best talent in your team. So, you need an excellent talent selection process.

Expand your company

If you want to be the best, you must have the best employees for a fair salary, how? Working with exceptional partners who have the same vision to grow.


Have you ever thought of working with people from other countries? These people can be more beneficial to your company because they have different perspectives and could bring fresh ideas to your project.


The multicultural clash could turn out better than you think, since the change of perspective can easily adapt, but with fresh ideas.


Strengthen your team


Start by hiring highly qualified people for your positions, who have experience and have a philosophy that is focused on excellence.


Seeks that each new member could resolve and be self-sufficient. That they give you new ideas and

At Ingenia Agency we can help you to grow within the industry, we are your best option since we have a philosophy of excellence that allows us to be one of the best in our industry. We have highly qualified personnel that can benefit you, with the contribution of different perspectives. be proactive to grow together with your company.


Get to know our proposal, you will surely find your best partner and we will help you meet your goals.


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