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Why Nearshoring is exactly what you need

Why Nearshoring is exactly what you need

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By Ingenia

  • Jun / 07 / 2021
Why Nearshoring is exactly what you need

Today many companies use only internal resources to manage their software development, most of them don't know yet the benefits of IT outsourcing or do not believe that it can help their company to become competitive. 

Interestingly, that’s where the idea of nearshoring comes in. It’s a form of outsourcing but focused on finding a professional third party with close geographical ties to your core business. 

Distance is an important factor in an IT project's success. This determines the cost and therefore the frequency of visits, which are crucial to help your outsourced team have a better understanding of your business and what you are looking to achieve. 

A bigger distance also implies bigger cultural differences, which can affect communication and the project performance itself. Finally, having a team on a different continent represents having different time zones, another obstacle for effective project management.

Here are some benefits about why nearshoring is an idea that you might want to consider: 

1- Enable you to cut costs while maintaining quality. 

Nearshoring allows you to have a partner who will not only deliver the solution on time, but will also increase the profitability of the project, compared to doing the same work in-house. IT hiring and employment costs are constantly growing, nearshoring allows you to reduce expenses, save time and bring years of experience to the project immediately. The goal of this is to improve your service and add quality to what you do, reducing project costs. Therefore, today, eyes are on Mexico and LATAM 

2- Help you improve efficiency in tasks that require experts. 

Sometimes you may find your company needs particular skills or special competencies, which are nowhere to be found, not within your company or in the entire region. Nearshoring gives you access to professionals in certain technologies, who not only share your time zone, but also your work culture.

3- Enhance your workforce, make it agile and flexible.

Getting your own employees to do the extra work may not only take away their focus from core activities, but also demotivate them, especially if the work is repetitive. Nearshoring IT projects allows you to dedicate resources to primary activities. Increasing the morale of your team and boosting workforce efficiency. 

4- Help you rescue your project 

What do you do when your key IT project gets stuck? It is essential to act before it is too late and if your in-house dev team struggles to find a solution. To run projects, that could be crucial from the point of view of the whole organization, is important to entrust them to specialists with the capability to deliver results on time and efficiently. 

Nearshoring gives you a competitive edge because your IT partner will have experience with different technologies, companies, and industries. They will be able to provide you with plenty of advice if you need it. As you know, the world of technology is constantly changing, due to this a company needs to be prepared and organized, the project has to be well thought through and clearly communicated. 

At  Ingenia agency, we are willing to be your nearshoring strategic partner, we have the experience, the time, the passion, and we know what your company needs.



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