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Landing Page vs Website: Which Do You Need?

Landing Page vs Website: Which Do You Need?

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By Ingenia

  • Mar / 17 / 2021
Landing Page vs Website: Which Do You Need?

When it comes to landing page versus website, your site is the first impression, while the landing page is only part of the impression that the user can take away. 

In some situations, a website can be more effective than a landing page and vice versa, it all depends on the objective. We will go through some of the most common situations when deciding between a landing page or a website. 

Landing Page vs Website


Number of Pages: Five pages or more 

Information: All information customers need to know 

Functionality: May contain multiple modules and functions 

Navigation: All pages are accessible

Purpose: To explain or present the organization

Landing Page

Number of Pages: A single landing page and attached thank you page

Information: Information about a specific item or offer

Functionality: Usually only has text, images, and a form

Navigation: Limited navigation

Purpose: To sell or capture leads 

What is a Website?

A website is a set of interconnected pages with details about your business. In general, commercial websites explain what it is, what it does, and what products and services are available. It can also host specialized pages like your company blog, login page, forum, or a particular feature. 

The main objective of a website is to describe and explain the details of your company, the why and why of it, or give users access to a service. 

What is a Landing Page? 

A landing page is designed to describe an offer with very specific information, regularly used for sale. Although it is connected to the website, it highlights the essential elements that are focused on the conversion and it usually does not have navigation buttons or other links. The main goal of a landing page is to drive sales or capture leads.

Something very important to note is that a landing page usually does not have a navigation menu and uses a form in which visitors can claim an offer and become leads. 

What is a Microsite? 

If it is difficult for you to decide between a landing page or a website, a microsite may be an ideal medium. A microsite shares similarities with both a landing page and a website. 

A microsite explains a business, product, or service on a single page, but it is much longer than a landing page. is ideal for applications, products or services about to launch, freelancers, books or large-scale promotional campaigns. 

To the microsite: It is usually a long page that scrolls, use internal links to help visitors navigate between sections of the page. It is ideal for generating buzz or describing a product or service in detail, it can work for a consideration stage.

When to use your Website 

Tell your story: With an About Us, Mission, Values, Locations, Contact Us, and other pages, you can explain, in your own words, what your business is and what it's about. Consider all the common questions a customer may have about your business. This is the place to answer them. 

Explain your products or services: Users are always looking for more information before buying, it is your opportunity to tell them why your product or service is the best for them. Keep in mind that the purpose of a website is to inform, not necessarily to sell. 

Provide functions: We mean a way to order online, schedule an appointment, or download something and for this you will need login, this way potential customers, clients or staff can access this functionality.

Engage with customers: your website allows you to showcase the culture, mission, values and style of your company. Your brand voice, as well as your website design, should work together to achieve a look that ideal customers connect with.

SEO: Search engine optimization, which helps users find your business with the right search queries, is an essential part of most business websites. Targeting multiple keywords on one page is useless, so having multiple pages to target the most valuable keywords in your industry is ideal.

When to use a Landing Page 

PPC advertising: Google judges the quality of pay-per-click (PPC) ads in part by their relevance, because of this a specific landing page for the ad will be more relevant than a general Products or Services page. This means that it will appear higher in search results and give visitors what they are looking for.

Lead capture: Regularly a user will leave their data in exchange for something, especially an offer or benefit. The user will provide at least their name and email in order to view the offer on the attached thank you page and then become a potential customer. 

Get attention: With no navigation buttons, links, blogs, or other distractions, a landing page holds and directs the visitor's attention better than the entire website. The user can focus on an action. 

Attract different customers: Just as you do not greet all the people the same, the same happens with your Landing, you should not have only one for all your clients, each of your Buyer person looks for different things. Diversify your content, attend to the needs and problems of your audience and fall in love with them.

When to use a Microsite 

Sometimes a microsite can be a better option than a landing page or website.  

Creating buzz: Pre-launch buzz is an integral part of a successful launch, and a microsite is a great way to give potential customers a preview of your business, product, or service. Microsites like these work best with eye-catching graphics and minimal text. 

A great campaign: When a promotional campaign becomes your own product or sales machine, a microsite is a great way to help it grow, this way you will show the excellent work done. They can also be used for a brand milestone, such as a big anniversary or a goal achieved.

As you could see, each medium has its advantages and disadvantages, it is advisable never to replace one with the other, it is better to use them at the same time, since they will be an excellent complement to cover different needs. Start with  Ingenia, we will help you make the best decision.






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