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Things that are affecting your Conversion Rate

Things that are affecting your Conversion Rate

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By Ingenia

  • Feb / 26 / 2021
Things that are affecting your Conversion Rate

Every time a person is ready to make an online purchase, different obstacles make them delete their product from the cart and leave the page practically instantly. 

Prevent this happening on your site!

Discover below, the four main areas to optimize your conversion rate:

1. Analysis of incorrect data

If you want to know the detail of why your customers are not converting, you must approach tools that provide you information about the purchase process. 

To get this type of information, like cart abandonment rate, you could use Google Analytics one of the most common and powerful tools in digital, to obtain more insights of your costumers HotJar or Crazy Egg are excellent complements.  

2. Site loading time

In multiple studies it’sproven that if a site does not load quickly, especially in mobile devices, a large number of customers will be lost, and consequently, profits. It is estimated that 79% of customers who weren’t satisfied with their experience, won’t consider buying again on that site. If you improve the loading speed on your site, the conversion rate will surely increase. 

3. Mistrust of the site 

Speed is important, but it is not everything. If you communicate your products and services with total clarity and also offer a simple browsing experience, you can close greater sales. 

Now, in case you see a good amount of traffic on your site, but people quickly abandon it, mistrust could be the cause. Make sure that your customers can write reviews and some testimonials of your products are visible for everyone.

4. Complicated user experience

It isn’t enough to make your site trustworthy. Each step that you add into the shopping journey will complicate the purchases of the users. As we mentioned in point 1, data analysis will help you to recognize the keys of the problem and define what customers need at each stage.

With SEO, content marketing, social media and paid ads, you can drive more traffic to your site, but the user experience will be the way to transform it into sales.

A few tweaks to your site will remove the buyer faces roadblocks, so that in the long run you can improve your conversion rate.

We recommend you take the measures proposed in this article, since this way you will create the necessary strategies that will help you to be on top of your competitors. Ingenia your Digital Power House!







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