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When you improve your UX improves your SEO

When you improve your UX improves your SEO

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By Ingenia

  • Feb / 04 / 2021
When you improve your UX improves your SEO

Keeping up with changes in the Google algorithm and a good user experience, can mean the success of your website.

How to give the Google bot what it is looking for? 

Right now, what Google wants is to create exceptional experiences for its users. Ultimately, that is what Google has always strived to achieve. The latest update to the algorithm is known as Core Web Vitals and is specifically focused on user experience. 

With new page experience signals being absorbed into the existing algorithm, it is clear that UX is becoming increasingly important in terms of SEO. 

Great experiences on websites allow people to do more and participate more deeply; conversely, a bad experience could make it difficult for a person to find the valuable information on a page.

The purpose is to help website owners to generate a good user experience considering everything that Google considers when ranking search results. 

These are some things to consider:

Page speed 

It is a bit complex to understand Google in this sense. On the one hand, value interactive experiences,  and it likes rich media. But now, Google Bot expects sites to incorporate audiovisual elements and pages to load quickly. 

However, now, Google Bot expects sites to incorporate audiovisual elements and pages to load quickly. A lot of Hard Work ahead, don’t you think? We say this because when inserting a video, immediately the page is usually slower. 

Finally, speed is important for users and also for Google. A delay of 1-3 seconds increases the bounce rate by 32%. This is the reason why the speed of a website is now more than ever, a primary part of the Google Core Web Vitals algorithm. This will prevent people from leaving without buying.

Core Web Vitals 

This new set of Google metrics is used to evaluate the experience of a website in terms of speed, these evaluations are used to determine the ranking.

The three fundamental elements of the Web are: 

-Login delay: How long does it take for a website to generate a response to a user action. 

-Largest contentful paint: How long it takes for the page’s largest visual to load.

-Cumulative layout shift: The degree to which visuals change during loading.

Create accessible, fast and easy to navigate websites, as well as useful and easy to consume content. This way you will get a higher ranking in search engines. 

As a starting point you consider the structure of the site, the format and the non-textual elements. So the experience and your SEO will be exceptional for Google. At ingenia  we are willing to achieve it with you.




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