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Customer Experience Predictions 2021

Customer Experience Predictions 2021

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By Ingenia

  • Dec / 17 / 2020
Customer Experience Predictions 2021

E-commerce transactions are all-time high and you may have a hard time keeping up with your customers' demands, but an extraordinary digital experience can solve that problem and create customers for life.

Maybe you don’t know why your customers hesitate to complete their transactions, but the good news is that you can avoid it, generating for your customer a greater experience in their journey. You can have the opportunity to recover part of the billions of dollars in annual sales revenue lost due to cart abandonment. 


2021 Predictions


1. Brands will serve customers in the channels they prefer: 

Many customers say that the most important thing a business can do in order to provide good service is to value their time. Don't make your customers leave because they are looking for important information, give it to them when they need it.   

You must know for sure what your customers' expectations are regarding what is important to them in their online experience as well as what communication channels they prefer.  

So, before investing in technology or creating content, make sure you know what your customers prefer. Be sure if they want you to contact them through mailing, direct message or maybe social media.

2. Self-service for customers, loyalty for brands:

In a previous note we told you about the importance of the buyer's journey  experience, with this we reinforce that idea, because one of the most important trends for 2021 will be the accessibility the user has to navigate. 

A thoughtful, well-executed experience that allows your customers to help them navigate is the fastest way to gain brand loyalty. If you provide a hassle-free experience, you will attract loyal customers. 

*About 13% of customers prefer self-service when communicating with a business

Changing your customer engagement strategy from passive to proactive communication, will increase your sales and decrease the number of customers asking.  

3. Intuitive technology, not involved people:

Yes, technology always comes to stay and keep changing, now everything is bought online, shoppers expect immediate solutions online, not in a phone call or in a huge line outside the store. 

There is no better investment than to be at the forefront in customer service, it facilitates and automates processes and creates a friendly experience on your website, you have to make your customers come back to you. 

The trick is to identify the most common breaking points of your user, that is, doubts, questions or problems. Go through the buyer's journey, find the faults and solve them immediately.  

 4. Data will be your best ally (as always): 

Analyzing chat, email, social media analytics and other contact center data, can help you identify sticking points in real time. Customers share questions, comments, frustrations and compliments all the time.

Carefully analyze all that information, you have a treasure in your hands. Pay close attention to everything your customers says, here may be the real key to your success. We recommend to classify it by degree of importance and by semantic fields, it will be easier to decipher it. 

We are very close to end this year, make sure to carry out these tips, provide excellent service to your customers and give them a magnificent digital experience, you will surely harvest soon. 




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