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New Normal: Transform your Digital Customer Journey

New Normal: Transform your Digital Customer Journey

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By Ingenia

  • Dec / 11 / 2020
New Normal: Transform your Digital Customer Journey


One of the most important thing for a company, is to know what are the times and places that influence the decisions of your clients to make the perfect strategy.

This is known as the customer journey. Through it, your team and your company can get to know the customers better and always meet their expectations. 

What is the costumer journey? 

It is the process that a consumer performs. It goes from the moment you identify your need, to the moment you purchase a product or service to satisfy it. 

The stages of the customer journey are: 

The attraction or pre-sale: Which consists of attracting the customer with the purpose of making them interested in your product or service. The ideal for this is that you capture their attention with quality content as part of your digital strategies.  

Decision or purchase: This is when the client has decided to purchase your product or service. You must harmonize the customer experience throughout the acquisition process to ensure it reaches the sale. 

Loyalty or after-sales: If the product or service meets or exceeds the customer's expectations, you may get them to continue interacting with your brand and refer you to their friends and family. 

Tips for your digital customer journey in the "new normal"

Optimizing the customer journey not only has a direct impact on purchases, but also on attracting new potential customers. It is important that you invest time and effort in making the customer experience as positive as possible. Some keys to achieve it are:

1. Focus on the customer: Your product or service must be put in the place of the consumer, knowing their wishes, interests and needs. Based on this, guide your customers on their  shopping journey so that they get the best experience.  

2. Map user journeys: Remember that the tour must be designed for each customer. It considers the ideal user's journey and the moments of truth, which refer to those stages in which the user decides to advance or not during their shopping journey.

3. Integrate marketing and sales strategies: It is important that the entire team involved in your product or service works together when in contact with the customer. Communication with both departments is essential for the customer journey to be effective and the experience to be complete. 

4. Track the entire customer journey with the help of software: Tracking and staying on top of everything that happens on the customer journey helps you ensure that your journey is satisfactory and that you reach the goal (in this case, the sale) without complications.

Let's talk about the touchpoints 

The touchpoints in the digital customer journey are all the interactions between your company and the customer. They can be phone calls, email, or social media, it can happen before, during, and after their purchase. At each stage, one or more communication channels can be used to serve as a guide and support throughout their journey.

We want to share with you some of the most important, which, without a doubt, you should implement to increase the satisfaction of your customers:

- Social Media
- Online advertising
- Digital Marketing Content
- E commerce
- Product reviews
- Point of sale
- Customer Success Programs
- Client onboarding
- Customer loyalty programs

Now you know that the best way for your company to start growing and competing in your industry is to focus on buyers, listen to them, serve them, and make them fall in love, At  Ingenia  we can help you achieve your goals this 2021.




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