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UX is much more than a simple strategy

UX is much more than a simple strategy

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By Ingenia

  • Nov / 18 / 2020
UX is much more than a simple strategy

One thing is to offer a great service and the best product, but what really remains on the client's mind? The experience. If you want your brand to offer a unique user experience, just keep reading.

Let's start by defining, what is User Experience (UX)? 

It's the design process used to create products that generate meaningful experiences, from the acquisition of the product to his branding and usability.This goes beyond, but not separated of the User Interface; UX is the planning of how a product will be seen, perceived and reached by your client.

User Experience strategy

 If you want to have a successful design, there are some rules you should follow:

Know your audience

You have to do some research about your users, you need to know them from head to toe, you need to know every aspect, necessity and taste in order for you to design a journey that your clients will enjoy and appreciate. 

Don't think like a brand, think like a user

The users will react different from you, don't expect them to act like you. It's necessary to test the design with actual users (family and friends don't count). It's different what you think the clients will do, to what the users actually do. 

Adapt your design to a short attention spam

Nowadays, the attention spam has gone from 12 seconds to 8. So every design should capture the attention of the users and deliver the exact and necessary information in a short time and space. 

There's not a design template, adapt the journey to your product

Each project is unique and has it's own needs, so you need to create a design that will perform well and reach every objective during the journey. 

Keep this simple and consistent

We know you want to offer the best, but in an attempt to be more creative the designer may have inconsistencies or may put too much information. So just keep things simple, creative and functional.

So, there you go, now you know the rules and the importance of UX, just keep in mind... Understand your clients, they will tell you what they want. 



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