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Why Ingenia is a game changer in the digital industry?

Why Ingenia is a game changer in the digital industry?

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By Ingenia

  • Nov / 03 / 2020
Why Ingenia is a game changer in the digital industry?

What makes a company great? Is it the people that work there, the projects and brands they work for? The results they achieve? Or is it the guidance of their leaders?

At Ingenia, we think that every element is essential for the company’s good performance, but if it doesn’t have the right leadership, every effort is useless.

Pablo Hernández O’Hagan, our CEO and founder, has a constant thrive to create and grow. He has an entrepreneur soul and that led him to start Ingenia Agency, a company that not only offers the best services, but is committed on giving unique experiences.

But, let’s start from the beginning, how was Ingenia born?

Pablo created his first website at the early age of 14 offering his services to small businesses, but this wasn’t enough, he wanted to become an entrepreneur, there was no other option. From that moment, Pablo began searching for bigger companies that would need his services, constantly learning more about the industry, becoming an expert and great business man.

Ingenia was born for the sole purpose of offering the best IT and marketing services, to great companies, helping them become the best version of themselves. With that in mind, Pablo began approaching the companies he wanted to work with, even if he needed to insist for years.

His first big client was Peñoles, giving Pablo the fuel he needed to continue aiming high. He never wanted to be consider a small company, if was going to be an entrepreneur, he was going to make of Ingenia the best agency in Mexico.

And that became true in 2019, Ingenia became the agency of the year.

Ingenia is the real game changer.

For over 25 years, Ingenia’s passion has been creating value and giving a sensational service, and now have offices in USA, because for us, boundaries does not exist.


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