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Our people make Ingenia great

Our people make Ingenia great

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By Ingenia

  • Oct / 19 / 2020
Our people make Ingenia great

Is work culture important? The answer will always be, yes! For us, to create a great work environment is crucial to have good performance, but most important, happy people

Happiness leads people to enjoy their work, motivate them and to be eager to start new challenges.

Their job will go beyond the responsibilities, they will like to spend time and effort in every project, because their workplace, environment and co-workers will become something they cherish and appreciate every day.

We want people to see beyond a job or a list of responsibilities, we want them to spend their time and all their effort in every project because they love their workplace environment and their co-workers are something they cherish and appreciate every day.

A company will have better performance if it has a good work culture, which will lead to less turnovers.

We truly believe in work team! Having an integrated team is better than having a good but broken one.

At Ingenia, the culture is one of the most important aspects of our agency. We are constantly working on improving it through integration activities and offering benefits that will empower it.

Part of creating a strong team, is giving them the tools they need to be better! That’s why we’ve partnered with Platzi.

Work culture People working

Why Platzi?

Platzi had what we needed. Great teachers, dynamic educational method, but overall a wide variety of courses, that would help from our social media team, to our web developers. We wanted a platform that could fit, but mostly help each one of our teams, with courses from beginners to advanced.

Procuring their well being is also very important for us, that’s why we’ve partnered with EVA Seguros to give them the protection they, and their loved ones needed.

For Eva Seguros prevention is key, and we share the same thinking, making our vision of the future one and the same.

And as we mentioned before, people integration is a very important part of our cultural thinking.

Every week, we have integration activities, such as dancing and cooking lessons, singing contests and webinars.

We want to make Ingenia the best agency in the industr, and we will make it all together as a team.










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