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How Ingenia Works

How Ingenia Works

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By Ingenia

  • Oct / 15 / 2020
How Ingenia Works

Have you ever thought that there must be an easier and more practical way to get things done?
At Ingenia we have the answer you’ve been looking for.

We know App and Web Development can be a complicated matter, due to the complexity of the subject, all the technical issues, meetings, necessities, you name it, but, trust us, there is a way to do things, with great quality, precise due dates, and through an friendly relationship.

At Ingenia, we consider that the Scrum and Agile method are the best to follow when you want to work in software development.

We think that team work is essential during any process, this methodology is based on trust and team accountability, each one of our members is an expert that will give the best advices and take the best decisions for your product.

Ingenia how to do

Ingenia is always thriving for better experiences, services, and most importantly, world class results!

We’ve perfected and certified our methodology on CMMi L4, because we want to deliver the best results in time and cost, and achieve a great partnership with all our clients.

Every project that we execute, wI do it according to the SCRUM Methodology, based on 2 phases: Analysis & planning and Development.

Analyisis & Planning

Along this phase, we determine the scope of work and requirements to create a clear and precise work plan. This allows the team to establish priorities and understand potential problems within the work process.

From this phase we can know the exact time frame and final investment.

Development (Scrum) 

We work in approximately 6 sprints (no longer than 4 weeks each), by doing this, the project has a fast track development and becomes very flexible, allowing adjustments and feedback between each work period.

The client can have tangible deliverables from 15 to 30 days.

At Ingenia we work to give the best results and to deliver you a product that covers your needs, but most importantly a very amicable and understanding way of work, to give you the best outcome.





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