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6 Social Media trends that your company must follow in 2020

6 Social Media trends that your company must follow in 2020

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By Ingenia

  • Aug / 05 / 2020
6 Social Media trends that your company must follow in 2020

2020 presents a new communication landscape for the digital world, especially for social media.

Value content, real-time marketing, and influencers are some of the actions that dominate this sector.

For all brands, the presence on social networks is essential. Anyone resistant to breaking into channels like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, or even LinkedIn will be off the map for a large percentage of potential consumers. This if we consider how social networks have developed in the last two years. HubSpot was given the task of finding key points regarding the trends that will prevail in 2020:

1. Generation of high-value content: that allows your brand to connect with the target through stories, short videos, blogs, and other publications with relevant topics that help people solve a problem or need, in the most efficient way.

2. Brand value and purpose: Social Responsibility companies (both with society and with the planet) are what consumers seek and will continue to do for years to come. Companies with a key purpose that bring benefits to society are the ones that stand out digitally throughout 2020.

3. User-Generated Content: If a brand wants to consolidate as a digital authority in 2020, experts recommend to generate virtual communities, that allow users to comment on important aspects of the business. This can be achieved through surveys or the content that motivates interactions.

4. Investing in influencers to reach more audiences: more than 49% of consumers in the world take into consideration influencers' opinions before making a purchase decision. In 2020, a revolution in the influencers' management is taking place. Instead of investing in someone with millions of followers, the trend is to invest in several figures with medium or small reach that generates great empathy with users.

5. Audiovisual platforms incursion: YouTube is the key social network in 2020. The business knowledge digitization will be essential to make an impact on people, in addition to generating a closer link with consumers.

6. Instagram real-time marketing: one of the main functionalities that social media offer, is the possibility of generating content in real-time to impact the largest number of users at the same time that the event is happening.

In addition to these trends in social media, the same digital transformation that is taking place will make companies evolve, and make use of technologies; to improve the consumer experience, facilitate processes and improve sales. This is why it is so important to have a digital presence strategy to face the challenges of the present and future.

Is your company ready to face new challenges?


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