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Why Nearshore?

For Ingenia, Nearshoring is much more than just a proximity advantage, it’s a philosophy.

As a valued partner of our US clients, we’re committed to improving and evolving our nearshore services every day.

What´s Nearshore?

Nearshoring is about increasing your capacity to deliver on your IT projects using talent sourced from nearby geographies that facilitate communication while reducing costs (especially Latin America).

Where you have access to 1 developer in the US, you could hire 2-3.

Why Nearshore Handshake

how we work

Ingenia’s agile approach ensures on-time delivery of turnkey projects by providing you with an amazing team of digital specialists.

Our world-class, CMMI level 4 certified developers represent the top 1% in Mexico’s software services ecosystem.

how we work
  • Research and knowledge

    Research and knowledge

  • Strategy and ideas

    Strategy and ideas

  • Design and development

    Design and development

  • Performance, measurement and reporting

    Performance, measurement and reporting

top level talent

Thanks to our close proximity to the US our team is equipped with the English skills necessary to work closely with our clients.

  • Pablo Hernandez

    Pablo Hernandez CEO & FOUNDER

  • josé luis betancourt PARTNER ADVERTISING

    josé luis betancourt PARTNER ADVERTISING



  • georgina villareal Chief of Talent

    Georgina Villareal Chief of Talent

  • alvaro fernandez Strategy & Creative Manager

    ÁLVARO FERNÁNDEZ Strategy & Creative Manager

  • joshua semolik Growth Strategist

    Joshua Semolik Growth Strategist

    How do clients describe our team?

    • Innovative
    • Experienced
    • Knowledgeable
    • Efficient

    and living on the bleeding edge of technological development and digital services.

    • We are + 150 Creative minds

    • We have built +1500 Website

    • We have written +5M Code lines

    Effortless COMMUNICATION

    Offices in Houston and Mexico City

    Everyone in our team feels completely at home with US culture. From our obsession with NFL, to our love of American TV and literature, the United States of America is in our blood.

    When you partner with a team of digital experts, you need to be sure they’re accessible. Ingenia’s nearshore workforce operates in the US time zone, so we’re always around when you need us.

    Effortless communication
    • Market-leading Services

      Mexico’s digital ecosystem is one of the fastest growing in the world, and Ingenia has been at the forefront of that growth for over 20 years.

      In fact, we’ve been ranked as one of the top ten digital marketing agencies in Mexico by Merca 2.0 magazine for the last five years.

      Marker leading services merca 2.0
    • cost benefit

      Any time you want to work with the team face to face, Mexico City is only a few hours away by air – our doors are always open. We’ll have the tacos ready and waiting!

      If only you could get top quality digital services for a fraction of the cost…oh wait, you can! Contact us today to find out just how competitive we are.

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    Our projects

    Coca Cola Femsa
    Grupo la Comer
    Daimler Group
    Best Buy

    coca-cola femsa

    “Ingenia has more than 12 years of experience in the development, innovation, and implementation of web technology and digital marketing projects. For four years, the company has always fulfilled its responsibilities in a timely manner.”

    Carlos Flores Ceballos IT Manager of Innovation

    Grupo La Comer

    "Due to Ingenia Agency, we’re setting trends in the Mexican and international markets."

    Daimler Group Mexico

    “We have worked with other agencies, but Ingenia Agency has always been our first choice.”

    Andrea Del Río Digital Manager


    “The social media services provided by Ingenia Agency produce excellent results, with high-quality, creative, and effective campaigns and content developed by the team.”

    José Cano Digital Manager

    Best Buy México

    “Ingenia offers a multidisciplinary approach that meets all social media needs, as well as strategies that enforce branding with better understanding. Along with a professional and progressive approach, their strong documentation skills and consistent communication continue to impress.”

    we are proud

    To be selected as one of the Top App Developers and Top Web Developers On Clutch

    “We have worked with other agencies, but Ingenia Agency has always been our first choice.”

    Digital Manager, Damlier Group Mexico

    • 5.0

    “Their help in developing this platform was invaluable, and we’re completely satisfied.”

    CEO, Friedman Group

    • 5.0

    “Their team is skilled at art, creating animations and infographics.”

    Social Media Coordinator, Universidad Panamericana de Mexico

    • 4.5

    “…everyone from the operations manager to the founder was involved since day one.”

    Chief Digital Manager, Grupo Herdez

    • 5.0

    “"They have a great team, they have a ton of experience, and they are always available.”

    Director, FinTech Platform

    • 5.0

    “I always felt close to them during the process, and they gave us the right recommendations for what we needed.”

    CMO, ERP Software Company

    • 5.0


    Looking for great ideas with world-class designs? Would you like to build core digital experiences and create compelling content? Or maybe you want to transform your digital marketing?

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