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Ingenia Studios

As a team, we are focused on change, we are partners, enablers and true colleagues. We are an extension of your team and we build around your brand's objectives.

  • Ingenia Studios - Web/App development

    Web/App development

    At the forefront of the latest web technologies.

  • Ingenia Studios - Creativity


    ​Some call us rebels but we generate disruption.

  • Ingenia Studios - Strategy & Innovation

    Strategy & Innovation

    Do things right vs do the right thing.

  • Ingenia Studios - Digital Marketing

    Digital Marketing

    ​We are storytellers at heart.

  • Ingenia Studios - Media Growth

    Media Growth

    ​We focus on your business objectives.

  • Ingenia Studios - Data


    Discover how to unlock data’s true potential.

  • Ingenia Studios - Design


    Pixel perfect work.

  • Ingenia Studios - Hosting


    Secure, fast and budget friendly hosting services.

  • Ingenia Studios - Production


    Sound rolling, camera rolling. Aaaction!

  • Ingenia Studios - Staffing


    Need a helping hand?

  • For us, the results we achieve are constantly aligned with your vision, from day one, we assure you that our team will completely focus on reaching those goals.


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