Ingenia Group

What we do

Ingenia is a digital-first marketing agency that helps brands use technology to find and connect with their clients.

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  • The Key
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The business of building a strong brand has changed. If you continue to rely on your traditional agency to help execute your digital strategy, you might need help. Ingenia is a digital-first marketing and technology company, which means that our business is to build powerful and effective online brands.

Our capabilities

  • Advertising
  • Digital Strategy
  • Development
    (CMMI L4)
  • Marketing Cloud
    & Digital Loyalty
  • Responsive
  • Social Media
  • Analysis and
  • Content
  • Web Hosting

Our Approach

We create value through technology and inspired creativity, and most importantly, we deliver this with great service. It might sound cliché, but it drives everything we do.

Our process

Our Team

Interesting facts:

Platforms and Partners

We use the industry’s leading platforms to help our clients succeed.
This is just a sample of the technologies and tools that we know and love.